What Is Custom Software Development?

There is so much off-the-shelf software, but sometimes these types of software can not meet your business needs. And it is good for the developers because custom applications give commissions to the developers. Off-the-shelf software is good, but there are certain limitations to it. Still, I am not considering it as worthless. But yes.

Off-the-shelf services are good, but sometimes you need a solution that provides your business with uniqueness.

When you design an application with the consultancy of your organization’s colleagues, with this it can boost the productivity of your mind.

When it comes to designing customized software it happens to be a costly investment and it requires in-house input and support.

When organizations need any kind of extraordinary features in their application then they turn toward the custom solution. And they try to hire a software developer to design and create this type of app.

When you turn towards developing the software off-the-shelf it sometimes gets proven very easy and reliable. Because Custom software development is not for everyone. The process of developing an application customized may prove expensive and time-consuming. Also, it is challenging to convey the scope of functionality in your business.

So, let’s get deeper into this phenomenon. Find out how custom software and off-the-shelf software differ.

Custom Vs Off-the-shelf Software Development

Easy to use

If you are having a large audience then the off-the-shelf type of software is easy. Like if fundamental needs are there and they are similar in features and functionality it will get easier. Let’s take Microsoft Word as an example. It is so much popular with its functionality and customization but it is for all sizes of organizations.

Easy access to purchasing

You can always buy off-the-shelf software from the official website of the manufacturer. Also, they can be prepackaged and purchased from the store. This software is also available as cloud subscriptions.


Take Microsoft Office as an example, it is one of the most popular commercial packages. They provide a degree of customizability. And with it, you can work better with your team.

Solution for your business

A developer has to design the application in such a way that it relates to the company’s portfolio, infrastructure, and branding. Implementation needs are another aspect to focus on when developing a customized application.

Pros of  Custom Software Development

Custom software is exactly the opposite of off-the-shelf software development. It provides you with the services that off-shelf software can not. It is worth the cost if the implementation of your design is perfect with your custom development.

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If you are targeting to design an application to increase productivity, the efficiency you want to build can cost you more than you have ever thought.

If your organization is willing enough to warrant custom software, designing a solution with the help of customization can be a very good idea.

Already as talked about, the customized application is not easy to build and is inexpensive. Certain factors affect building customized application diversity. The first aspect is Cost and the second one is risk. Let’s get to know both of them in deep.


When you build off-the-shelf applications or software your cost of building such things can range from a hundred to a thousand dollars. But unfortunately, the custom application/software development does not work like that. Some applications have relatively very low monthly subscription plans or even they provide lifetime plans at very low cost. Well, they are just off-the-shelf developments.

On the other hand, Custom application development requires a greater financial resource. The business will have to consider all the costs to build such software.


The second factor is Risk in the building of custom software. The risk factors can differ according to your project’s scope, meanwhile, it gets easy to differ from your goals too. There are certain questions that you should ask yourself. What are your company’s requirements? What is the worth of your developer according to your company’s requirements? These questions will lead you to the proper solution to the risk. You can not risk your targetted goal if the developer you hired is not worthy of so.

There is a risk of modification and development too. Like they build up more time and more cost for your business.


Custom software development is not easy. Even though it has a wide range of applications and benefits. There are businesses, organizations, and the company’s who aim to achieve their target in minimum time. On the other hand, they move on with off-the-shelf development from which they can find a more cost-efficient and time-efficient solution but the quality can not be maintained with this type of development. If you want an extraordinary out-of-the-box solution you would have to move toward custom software development.

It is up to you what you want to go with, whether it may be custom web application development or it also could be off-the-shelf app development option. The choice is always yours.

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