Secure Software Configuration of the Tplink TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem

The Tplink TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem offers you the boosted wifi coverage that supports ADSL/ADSL2 standards. It provides 24 Mbps of downstream bandwidth. Moreover, it provides you with built-in firewall protection that can provide high security from unauthorized access or monitoring from a third party. Moreover, the Tplink Wireless modem comes with 6KV lightning protection that prevents damage from thunderstorms or hailstones. Its latest security protocol brings new capabilities to improve the security of the wireless connection. Well, its Gigabit connectivity ports are usually used to connect the WAN port of the LAN port of the router.

The Tplinkrepeater Setup provides so many easy functions that make the configuration of the modem simpler. When you install the modem into your home network then you need to make sure that you get all the accessories into the box of the modem. Such items are Adsl Modem Td-8616, External Splitter, RJ-11 Telephone Cable, RJ-45 Ethernet Cable, Quick Installation Guide, Resource Cd, Resource Cd. Check that you have received all the items. If not, then instantly contact the supplier and ask for the exchange.

Tplink TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem Software Configuration

In the settings of the Tplink modem, it is advised to the users that they first have completed the installation step and move to the software configuration. As the software configuration is the advanced settings of the device. These advanced settings also help to configure and manage the device with a web-based management setup page. After the login, tap on the main menu to make changes to the submenus. Make sure to press the save button to apply the changes to the altered section of the modem. Hence, the software configuration of the tp-link modem includes statistics settings, basic setup settings, and the maintenance of the device.

Statistics Settings of the Tp-link ADSL2+ Modem

In the Statistics settings, choose the Statistics to check the device information and traffic statistics of the modem device. When you click on the statistics to check the next submenus such as device information and the traffic statistics of the tp-link modem. You can click any of them and apply them to configure the corresponding function for the maintenance of the modem. 

In the device information, tap on the submenu and then you will be able to view the information of the device. Hence the information includes ADSL, LAN, or WAN. However, this information will be varied and depend on the settings of the modem that you can configure in the Basic setup screen. The Traffic Statistics is the submenu that you can find in the statistics option and then you will be able to check the traffic statistics about the tp-link modem.

Tplink TD-8616 modem Basic Setup 

The basic setup menu in the settings of the tp-link modem and then you can check many settings from the submenus such as ADSL settings, LAN settings, or WAN settings. Simply tap on any of them and then you will be able to configure the corresponding functions of the wireless device. 

In the WAN settings tap on the WAN settings from the basic setup and now you can configure to see the parameters of the WAN ports. You can simply connect to the ISP and the ISP provides VPI and VCI. To make them into effect you need to activate both of them. The LAN settings consist of the IP settings of the tplinkmodem. These settings are referred to as the privacy settings of the LAN interface. You need to know the tp-link modem IP address, subnet mask. Into the ADSL settings, you can select any mode on the given screen. As you also get to know that you can also change the features of the ADSL to meet the physical connection problem.

TD-8616 ADSL2+ modem Maintenance 

Simply tap on the maintenance to check the next submenus of the administrator, firmware upgrade, Diagnose start, and SysRestart. To configure these settings click any of them. In the administrator section, you can set the new admin password. When you change the admin password then you need to enter it twice. Hence click on the Save button to make the new password come into effect.

In the firmware upgrade section, you can update the settings of the modem. But first, make sure that the file you want to use to place the firmware is on the local hard drive of the computer. Therefore, click on the browse to search the location of the hard drive into the PC and then place the firmware that will be used for the upgrade of the device.

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