How to Build Taxi Booking App like inDriver, OLA & Uber Clone

Develop iOS & Android Largest Ride Sharing and Taxi Apps like Uber, myTaxi & Lyft Clone
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  • Build Fully Functional Ride Sharing & Taxi Ordering App like UBER & OLA Clone
  • Build Fully Functional Drivers App
  • Build Fully Functional Users App
  • Google Maps Api
  • Learn Google Maps Api Integration in Flutter Apps
  • Learn Google Map Implementation in Flutter Apps
  • Learn Real Time Location Tracking on Google Maps
  • How to Draw Routes between Source and Destination Locations
  • Learn Flutter Backend App Development
  • How to work and Communicate with API’s
  • Direction Api
  • Places Api [Auto Complete Search Location]
  • Advanced State Management
  • Provider State Management
  • and much more.


  • you should have some basic programming knowledge
  • you must have some basic flutter knowledge

How to Build Taxi Booking Apps?

In this course you may find out how to develop flutter largest ridesharing and taxi apps worldwide rather like uber, indriver & olla clone app. we are going to develop a pair of apps, one app for drivers and therefore the different one is for users. wherever users can request drivers for trip with real time locations pursuit on maps. we are going to develop automaton and ios uber clone apps victimisation flutter with flutter 2.8 null safety and base of operations as backend.

Firebase helps you build and run flourishing apps · product and solutions you’ll trust through your app’s journey. base of operations could be a platform developed by Google for making mobile and internet applications. Google base of operations is a Google-backed application development software system that {allows} developers to develop iOS, automaton and internet apps. base of operations provides tools for pursuit analytics, news and fixing app crashes, creating selling and products experiment.

Google Maps API is a set of application programming interfaces that lets USA ask its services. it’ll allow us to create straightforward apps to terribly subtle location-based apps for Web, iOS, and Android. The Google Maps API is one amongst those clever bits of Google technology that helps you are taking the facility of Google Maps and place it directly on your own site. It allows you to add relevant content that’s helpful to your guests and customise the planning and feel of the map to suit with the fashion of your site.

In Conclusion:

  • Anyone who needs to find out and build location primarily based apps victimisation flutter
  • Anyone who wants to learn and build backend apps development using flutter
  • Anyone who wants to learn – the way to work and communicate with API’s
How to Build Taxi Booking App like inDriver, OLA & Uber Clone
How to Build Taxi Booking App like inDriver, OLA & Uber Clone


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