Transform Your Taxi Fleet Digitally With The Help Of Uber Like Apps

The graph of creating Uber like apps is growing steadily.

For the taxi-hailing industry, Uber has laid down the foundation that every other taxi company needs to have to thrive in these demanding times.

Apart from this, features like short pickup time, increased convenience and lower rates have become prime examples of the gig economy at work.

They all have added to their part in shaping the taxi-hailing industry at large.

As long as Uber like apps are working their way through the traditional loopholes, the future of the taxi-hailing industry will be in great hands.

Further, let’s understand the reason behind these Uber like apps being the prime future contenders for the taxi-hailing industry.

So you can broaden your insights and also become a part of this future.


According to Statista, the revenue of the taxi-hailing industry is projected to reach $202 billion by 2027.

That’s a long jump from $155 billion in 2023.

At a CAGR of 8.75%, the future looks more promising than ever.

On the other hand, at the start, it wasn’t.

To create Uber like apps, most entrepreneurs often get confused as to which features are necessary to bring their original ideas to life.

This is not new. In contrast, it is a rewarding experience as you are looking deep down into the feature catalog in comparison with Uber.

So, to understand the need to have Uber like apps and their relevance in the future, it is equally important to understand the features too.

What do Uber like apps look like?

For starters, Uber like apps isn’t just one app.

It includes a number of applications:

  • A passenger app for your passengers
  • A driver app for your drivers
  • And an admin panel for you to manage everything that’s currently going on

These three interfaces have their own set of features.

In other words, creating Uber like apps doesn’t mean you have to build just one app.

Moreover, to make things more interesting, the components that complete this entire package have to resonate with the user’s ever-changing demands.

As a result, they should have Uber like features that have the potential to cater to local demands.

This might have given you a basic idea of Uber like apps.

Moreover, the future of the taxi-hailing industry is beset with challenges that can be solved with Uber like apps.

A shared platform, apart from being a safe alternative, offers a wide range of features for the public and the driver.

Their main goal is to make their lives simpler without much hassle.

Features Of Different Uber Like App Components

Let’s see what features your Uber like apps must have to attract more customers than usual.

This could give you an insight into their stronghold in the taxi-hailing industry.

The Passenger App

The interface and flow of the passenger app are made keeping the customer in mind.

Top features include –

  • Quick sign-up
  • Multi-option availability to choose car and pickup location
  • GPS tracking
  • Fare calculation beforehand
  • Ride confirmation/cancellation notification
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat/payments
  • Driver rating
  • Customer support
  • Book for others
  • Travel history
  • Coupons and Discounts

The Driver App

The layout and design of the driver app are made keeping the driver in mind.

Top features include –

  • New request alert
  • A revenue-dedicated dashboard
  • In-app chat
  • Passenger rating
  • Heat maps

The Admin Panel

Being the most critical element of most Uber like apps, an admin panel ensures not only smooth workflow but also app promotion and marketing.

Top features include –

  • Passenger and driver management
  • Locations and fare management
  • Payment management
  • Notifications management
  • User support
  • Marketing management
  • Business analysis

As mentioned earlier, Uber has laid down the foundation for the taxi-hailing industry today.

If you want your Uber like apps to go above and beyond, try implementing all these features.

As much as this sounds easy, it isn’t. You have to tap into the market by bringing something new to the table.

You must be thinking about how long it takes to implement all these features in a set of three different apps.

Well, the short answer is at least one year.

This includes multiple testing and changes before finally launching it to the public.

But there is a catch.

Ready-made Uber Like Apps

So far, you have understood the features and definitions of Uber like apps.

What about starting your own app?

Sure, having a fleet of your own or tracking every single penny made by your drivers is a good option.

If you are thinking of hiring people, stop right here.

Further, you can save your money and invest in an already ready-made Uber like apps.

They cost way less than hiring multiple app developers.

Features Of Ready-made Uber Like Apps

Ready-made Uber like apps are built with similar features as Uber and are capable of running an entire taxi-hailing business with ease.

You can even launch your Uber like apps in a span of just 1-2 weeks since they are already loaded with the features above.

Furthermore, ready-made Uber like apps have additional features that could be a game-changer for a longer time.

These additional features include –

Referral System

Your customers get a reward every time they bring in a new registration.

Their efforts will be rewarded with “credits” allowing them to further make new contacts.

Coupled with more drivers as they bring in more referrals, your business will expand more swiftly than before.

On the other hand, you can make more commissions as well.

With every new ride, you can make automatic deductions from the wallet of your drivers.

Toll Cost Addition

Many countries don’t have tolls. In some cities, tolls and surcharges reflect an estimate.

This is due to the fluctuations in the amount your customer actually pays.

Depending on the charge and location, these additional charges may be retained by your driver or paid by your driver.

In such cases, your driver will be able to add toll charges at the end of the ride.

These charges are automatically added to the invoice of the passenger trip fare once confirmed.

OTP Verification

Before the start of the trip, the driver has to verify the customer.

As a result, without the right OTP, the ride cannot start.

Not only does OTP standardize the journey, but it also gives a more professional look to your business.

Ride Status

Until the driver reaches the exact pickup location of the passenger, they cannot update their ride status.

This feature allows the passenger to completely fulfill the advantage of booking a ride through your platform.

Face ID/Fingerprint Login

Just like other features, this one is also available to both driver and passenger apps.

With face ID and fingerprint login, an easy login process allows Uber like taxi businesses to gather more customer retention.

Video Calling

In-app calling has evolved to video calling, shaping the future of the taxi-hailing industry into a more profitable one.

With this feature, your passengers and driver can video call each other whenever needed.

Become Better Than Uber

As you might have known, investing in ready-made Uber like apps has numerous benefits attached to it.

Above all, your taxi business can quickly adapt to the current market trends without any wait.

See for yourself by testing the demo. An experienced white-label firm has a long list of portfolio full of clients that once needed Uber like apps.

They were once in the same place as you are right now.

See their feedback and check every feature multiple times.

Who knows? The potential of your local growth might propel you to cross countries just like Uber.


The future is here. Booking a ride has garnered a new meaning over time.

With the increase in demand to find a reliable and trustworthy system, customers are accepting the changing patterns in their lifestyles.

It is a cultural trend that is not stopping anytime soon.

Be it carpooling or ride-hailing, wherever there is convenience supported by safety, Uber like apps are the true winner.

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