Printed And Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes – Wholesale Rates!

Regarding food preservation, we all want something that protects our edibles from harm. As a result, we are providing you with high-quality custom Chinese Takeout Boxes. These boxes can be used in industries to pack edible items such as jams, pickles, candies, and biscuits. These Chinese Takeout Boxes are made of high-quality cardboard, which keeps its structure and strengthens it during deliveries and shipments.

Food Packaging Customization Options

Anything can be made more appealing with a few tweaks, and the same is true for our custom food packaging boxes, which we enhance with creative ideas. Our custom food packaging boxes stand out from the crowd due to their presentation and overall appearance. So, go out and get some custom Chinese Takeout boxes without further ado. We also sell Food Packaging Boxes online. We guarantee you will not be sorry if you purchase boxes from us.

Template: In Just A Few Finger Taps, You Can Create A Uniquely Yours Chinese Takeout Box with Us!

We make it incredibly simple for you to design and order custom Chinese takeout boxes that will become an essential part of your merchandise. These custom-made boxes promote your food chain brand wherever they go, allowing you to reach a larger audience. Getting foodies begins with getting noticed, and these custom branded takeout boxes give your food brand the necessary recognition. Follow these simple steps to start customizing your Chinese takeaway box.

  • Specify the dimensions to ensure proper food containment and to avoid edible spillage.
  • Upload the designs for maximum marketing impact, publish your logo to publicize your restaurant chain, or print craving slogans to pique the interest of foodies.
  • Use inner lining, BOPP films, or temperature-preserving coating layers to keep eatables warm and protected.
  • Please set the quantity, pay at the checkout, and have them safely delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in the world.

Unrivaled services:

Fast Custom Boxes is well-known for its unique packaging boxes and many customizations. Our printed Chinese Food Boxes could be used as gift boxes for farewell parties or other events. We provide free shipping to our valued customers at the most competitive prices. We aim to satisfy our customers with our exclusive and advanced packaging techniques and innovations.

Why Should You Use Our Packaging Boxes?

Fast Custom Boxes has provided bespoke Chinese takeout boxes of the highest quality to many restaurants. While eco-friendly kraft and cardboard are the preferred materials for making these boxes, we can make them any way you want. Our designers create attractive and aesthetically appealing takeout packaging boxes with one of the best design teams in the industry on board.

To set your boxes apart from the competition, we offer free debossing, embossing, foiling in various colors, spot UV, die-cutting, and matte/glossy finishing.

Material of High Quality

Restaurants and food outlets use these ideal boxes, which can be customized with handles. They want eye-catching colors and high-quality materials to present their products to customers. We are here to help you by providing takeout boxes made of strong cardboard. In their manufacturing process, we use both offset and digital printing techniques. Such high-quality material not only encloses food but also reduces leakage and protects food from external environmental factors.

Our Custom Food Boxes Are Versatile:

Order the Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes in any size you want. Excellent color and packaging material always add to the product’s value and quality. These boxes are ideal for any occasion, particularly Christmas and Easter. Customized Chinese Takeout Boxes are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Our well-made food boxes can be microwaved and used as a dish or plate.

Excellent Services:

The material and color are chosen based on the customer’s preferences; call now for the best customer service, Free Estimation, and Free Design assistance. Quality services and complete customer satisfaction are guaranteed! These boxes are suitable for enticing any customer, receiver, or guest, and we at The Custom Packaging offer tailor-made services.

Why Choose Fast Custom Boxes?

  • We provide food boxes of various types and designs based on your preferences and instructions. 
  • Our boxes are strengthened by using various types of laminations, which increase the beauty and life of the boxes.
  • Our Chinese Takeout Boxes are almost airtight, protecting your food from fungal attacks and other harsh environmental factors. Partitions can also be added to these boxes. 
  • These boxes are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. We provide various customization options for themes and logos to enhance their beauty.

Choose the number of boxes you require

Do you want to give away many of your new restaurant food products? Take advantage of the no-minimum scheme and order the exact number of boxes you require. Whether you need 50 or 50,000 boxes, every order is just a little small or too large for us!

Get your boxes delivered quickly: 

No matter what size order you place, it takes less than 14 business days from initial processing to shipment to your desired location anywhere. That is what you can expect if you use our quick turnaround service.

Obtain unusually shaped boxes: 

Want to impress passers-by during food delivery? Create high-quality Chinese takeout boxes in unusual shapes that will impress the foodies who take your food and the onlookers who catch a glimpse during movement. We use the latest die-cutting equipment, combined with the expertise of packaging specialists, to create any shape you can imagine for your boxes.

The Finest Quality Chinese Takeout Boxes – Place Your Order Now! 

Do you want your boxes to be long-lasting and safe while on the move? While designing your takeout boxes, we keep your edibles’ safety, protected shipment, and heat resistance in mind. Our certified inspectors follow a strict quality control system to ensure that your boxes are made specifically to transport your edibles safely. Furthermore, we source the materials from ISO 22000 certified suppliers and adhere to FDA guidelines to ensure that your Chinese takeout boxes are safe and will keep the food inside from becoming contaminated by outside factors. Even better, each batch of boxes is checked for box closing and opening to ensure that your food does not fall out due to an unexpected collapse or bending of the box.

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