What is Multiball Training and How It can Develop Your Table Tennis Skills

Multiball training is an intense form of table tennis training that was first introduced by the Chinese but later used in the whole world as a means to develop your table tennis skills. 

In multiball training, the coach or another player feeds multiple balls in quick succession and the player has to tackle those fast following balls. 

Multiball training is not only for the advanced table tennis players, but it can also be incorporated in the practice sessions of beginners and intermediate players.

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What’s the Use of Multiball Training?

As mentioned, multiball training is an extremely effective way to develop your table tennis skills and you can incorporate it at any level of practice. Even if you have not tried multiball training till now, here are some good reasons to pick up a bucket of balls and give it a try.

Multiball increases the quantity and quality of balls you can receive in a short span of time. You won’t have to pick the balls up. Also, it’s easier for your coach or feeder to put the ball in the right location on the table. 

With multiball training on your schedule, you get a host of benefits. It can help you improve your footwork, power, reaction time, speed, etc. which is so important in table tennis. 

Also, it’s a great new thing to try and as there is no fear of missing the tables, it can help with the player’s confidence and encourage development. 

Popular Multiball Drills 

With multiball training, there can be a number of possibilities of training. Here are a few examples of multiball drills that you can use.

  • The coach/feeder can feed balls to a fixed area on the table. This would help a player practice a specific shot such as forehand topspin. 
  • Multiball training can also be use for developing footwork. In this case, a footwork pattern feed is drop and the player can practice footwork exercises such as Falkenberg. 
  • With a short feed consisting of a string of topspin balls, the player can practice a game situation where they receive short serves. It improves the reaction time of the players to short serves. 

How to Feed Multiball 

If you have a coach who will introduce you to multiball training, all good. Otherwise, you’ll have to learn to feed yourself and practice with another player or in a group. Mentioned below are some multiball feeding tips:

Give sufficient spin to the ball.A realistic feed needs a lot of topspin for it. If you are trying to work on playing float feed, that too is possible using this.

Pick up a handful of balls at a time. If you are picking up one ball at a time, you’ll never be able to feed at a fast pace. So, practice picking up 3 to 4 balls at a time and then feed them in quick succession. 

Keep your eyes on the player.This can be hard to do at first, but you should be keeping an eye on the player and not on the balls in your hand. Watch the players, spot errors, and correct them.


Multiball training is great and it develops your table tennis skills at a fast pace. It can also be incorporate into any level of training. So, whether you are a beginner or not, multiball training can be used to your advantage to develop your skills such as footwork, speed, reaction time, etc. 

It might seem difficult on the first go, but keep practicing and you’ll soon see the benefits. 

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