Mobile App Design: Tips to Build Award-winning Apps

Want to design a stunning mobile app for your online business? You have come to the right place. Designing a mobile app is one of the most challenging tasks. As the soon-to-be app owner, you have to think about how you will design the app so that it wins in this throat-cutting competitive market. 

Although you can choose to hire a professional app designer still, you need to follow some advice. To remain on the same page with the app designer, you need to know a few of the tips and rules of app designing. 

And so, let’s shed some light on them. Here are the top 6 tips you need to know. 

Don’t Make the Mistake of Choosing Random Colors 

Your app’s style, including its color scheme and pattern, needs to be consistent throughout. 

You must avoid using colors that are too vivid and make it almost impossible for the user to read the text written on them. 

It is best to use colors associated with the type of business you run. For example, if you are planning to create an Uber-like app, you can use black which shows luxury, or yellow which relates to optimism and happiness. 

Or,  if you are developing a food delivery app, you can use orange which stipulates the feeling of fun and vitality. 

feeling of fun and vitality

Source: Adzooma 

Refer to the above image to get a better understanding. 

Easy Navigation 

Simple navigation always wins! 

Whatever app design you choose, you must remember that the app should look sleek and that it is feasible for people to navigate through the app. 

The app design should be such that people won’t need to zoom in or out or scroll and swipe across the app to find the information they need. 

Some of the app design components you can use to create an easy-to-navigate app are – 

  • A hamburger menu
  • Top and bottom navigation
  • Gesture-based Navigation
  • Cards 
  • 3D touch
  • Tabs 

Consider the Thumb Zone When Placing CTA Buttons 

Thumb Zone is one of the most important parts of app design. 

According to this, the buttons should be big enough to be visible or pressed. And, on top of that, the button should be placed after considering how users hold their devices. 

A lot of people operate their mobile devices with one hand. Therefore, the button must be in place in the ‘effortless territory’ of the app. 

Refer to the image below to get a better understanding of what is meant by ‘thumb zone’. 

humb zone

Source: Smashing Magazine

Seeing this image, it is clear that the green zone is the best place to add CTA buttons. On the other hand, the red zone is the best area to add buttons like ‘Delete’ or ‘Undo’. Simply put, these are not accident-prone zones. 

A Decluttered UI Attracts More Eyes 

Maintain a clutter-free mobile design clutter-free. 

For an effective smartphone design, make sure to make everything visible clearly without obstructions. 

Adding too many components in a single space will make the mobile app look more complex and difficult to use. So, when adding different CTA buttons, pictures, or texts, ensure that everything is minimalistic. 

When every component is in the right proportion, there is no way users can take their eyes off your app. To put that simply, a cluttered design will make it difficult for the users to concentrate where they should be and force them to shut down your app instantly. 

Bonus Tips to Use 

Craving for more such tips so that you can build a flawless mobile application

Well, here are some more tips enlisted just for you – 

  • Make sure that the readability is maintained. Keep the fonts the same and maintain adequate distance between the lines so that people can read the text clearly. 
  • Follow the OS design guidelines.
  • The app should be accessible to all such as users with different color blindness, low vision, hearing impairments, and so on. 
  • Minimize the number of user inputs so that they can quickly get things done without getting annoyed with filling out too much information. 

In Conclusion: 

No matter if you are building an advanced Uber Clone or a super app like Gojek, Grab, or something more out-of-the-box, remember to have top-notch app design. 

Although designing an excellent mobile app is difficult, there are several professionals ready for your help. 

Also, if you want something ready-made, well, pre-built mobile apps are available in the market. 

Whether you’re doing it yourself or employing a designer, remember the app design should turn out to be award-winning!

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