All about Gospel Choirs in Harlem

Harlem, the culturally rich neighbourhood of Newyork holds in itself so much music, literature and stories of rebellion. Looking back at American history one can recognize the contributions that the black Americans of Harlem had in it. The Harlem Renaissance is an important chapter in American history and unfolds the struggle and gradually the prominence of the Harlem Community which has remained unignorable. What was originally the farmland of Dutch settlement saw huge migration from southern America and developed into a community for the African American people. The “Great Migration” in US history talks about the huge number of people who migrated from the rural south to the urban north beside big cities. The migrated black Americans brought their music and culture which was enriched by the education of the black Americans of the north. The combination of education and cultural inclination is what made Harlem a centre of the cultural and intellectual revival of black Americans, known as the Harlem Renaissance. The traces of this historical event can be discovered through Harlem Walking Tours which takes you through the nick and corner of the city and gives a vivid understanding of that decade.

Since the Harlem renaissance was all about the cultural and intellectual revival of African Americans, it witnessed the rise of some of the popular musical genres that took the world by storm and posed a serious influence on world music. The Blues, Jazz, and Gospel music are the most prominent contribution of the Harlem musicians. These musical genres had then and are still now a source of inspiration for many musicians and guide them in their musical endeavours. To date, a trip to Newyork would require your visit to Harlem and enjoy the live Jazz performances in the country cafes or booking the Harlem Gospel Choir Tickets to enjoy a musical evening. However, in this post, we will be specifically talking about the Gospel music of Harlem. 

The origin of Gospel Choirs

The Gospel choirs serve as a powerful tool to present and promote the Christian word of God to the general masses. It has its roots deeply rooted in the culture and services of the African American church and the music is an innovative mix of messages, rhythm, and performance. 

While looking back at the history of Gospel choirs, it can be traced back to the 18th century. It is believed that the lyrics were from the time when the blacks were primarily slaves and were not able to read, and these Gospel lyrics helped them to join the prayer meetings. Thomas A. Dorsey, the son of a Baptist minister, is considered the father of Gospel Music. Although he started his career as a Blues performer, however, two nervous breakdowns later, he changed his musical direction to religious compositions. In 1932, Dorsey organised one of the first Gospel choirs that was performed in Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago. 

Keeping true to the theme of bringing people and nations together and giving something back, the Gospel Choirs of Harlem remained true in the Newyork community as it became a major means of charitable activities. 

The essence of the Gospel Choirs

The Gospel choirs are one of the popular pursuits during a trip to Harlem and one cannot effort to miss the incredible ambience and experience of being part of the celebration of religion. Although you can always book the Harlem Gospel Choir Tickets and enjoy the musical evenings amidst religious positivity. But the real essence of Gospel choirs can be felt and discerned during Christmas. 

The Gospel events during Christmas make for the best time in Harlem with music flowing in the air. Visiting a church for the Gospel Choir can have you hand-clapping, foot-stomping, and singing along with the rhythmic hymns. Countless audiences from across the globe visit these churches to enjoy the choir performances of the rich lyrics from the African American community. 

The Harlem Gospel choirs are one of the critically acclaimed gospel choirs and had the privilege of performing at landmark events and for recognized personalities.

Harlem Gospel Choir

The Harlem Gospel Choir is probably the most famous and popular. It was founded in 1986 and performed for around 25 years by spreading gospel music around the world and collecting funds for children’s charities. Founded by Allen Bailey as a way to celebrate life and honour Dr Martin Luther King, Junior, the choir included some of the best singers of the genre from the black community. The choir was instrumental in spreading the culture and the inspirational music of the African American Community. They have successfully completed many international musical tours and were a prominent name in the choir musical set-up.

Bottom Line

If you have to be in Harlem around Christmas, do not miss out on the chance to attend a choir and enjoy the essence of the festival. In addition, you can also take the Harlem Walking Tours to have a stroll across the streets of Harlem and know all about the Renaissance period and the famous events and musicians of the era.

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