What to Look for When Buying High Visibility Apparel?

High-visibility shirts are good for those workers who work under risk-oriented conditions. You can see such workers either operating heavy machinery or patching a pothole. Having high-vis clothing helps them to work under dim lighting conditions without having to encounter danger. It is necessary to wear one so that you may remain safe while going through a complicated work process. This guest post will discuss what to look for when buying high-vis apparel. Here we will also provide the reasons for having one during work.

It may sound easy to choose a high-visibility shirt as per your need. But the process involved is not as easy as one may think. You have to make sure you choose an accurate one that fits the purpose perfectly. When you visit the market, you must consider several options to buy an appropriate one. You have to think long and hard before you decide in that regard.

Types of ANSI High-Visibility Shirts

When choosing a high-visibility shirt, consider choosing one following ANSI types. These are as follows:

Type O

The first type of ANSI high-visibility shirt is Type O, applicable for “off-road” purposes. In these, you do not come in contact with traffic over 25 mph or roadways. These safety shirts are for mining and warehouse work.

 Type P 

Type P is for those who work with Public Safety, i.e., law enforcement and EMT workers. These hi-vis shirts are different as compared to other types. They are much shorter and have higher visibility for night and day conditions.

Type R

For those who deal with high exposure to traffic, then Type R is the right choice.

Importance of safety Shirts at Work?

Even though wearing high-visibility shirts offers several functionalities within them. But the most important reason is to combat adverse weather situations and ensure perfect night vision. You may also need to wear them if you love to take a stroll once you complete your daily duties. This is because the lighting visibility becomes low as the day progresses and night is about to appear.

Safety shirts ensure that motorists do not have visibility issues while they drive on busiest highways at night. For this purpose, these help them avoid unfortunate scenarios such as accidents.

What to look for when buying high-visibility shirts?

1. Reflective Stripes

One of the essential aspects of these shirts is their reflective stripes. An orange or florescent lime-colored shirt without reflective stripe cannot be called a high visibility shirt. Hence, the shirt must feature reflective stripes. It ensures that the apparel stands out.

2. X Back Pattern

A hi-vis shirt must ensure optimal safety. For this purpose, Canada and Europe commonly use the X pattern. Even though it is not according to the requirement by ANSI 107-2020, it is worth noting as a help. It not only determines the direction of workers but also warns about onset vehicles.

3. Jackets and Parkas

Jackets and Parkas aim to ensure maximum safety and ultimate warmth. Just like high-vis outfit, they also do not compromise security. Various options include windbreakers, waterproof, fleece lined, and quilted lined.

4. Lifecycle

Even though a safety apparel is designed to remain fit for all seasons. But it does not mean you will keep using it forever. These types of shirts make use of versatile options and can last longer as compared to traditional shirts. You have to replace these shirts once they have gone through 25 washes. One should also return the hi-vis shirts if they have permanent stains, damaged reflective stripes, or rips and tears.

5. Appearance

A black enhanced high visibility shirt adds more flair to the persona. Even though it is not a recommended practice, it gives an appealing style. If you wear this black version of the protective work wear, you will appear much more relaxed.

6. Flame Resistance

Another significant advantage of having a safety attire is that they are resistant to flames. For this purpose, it must follow the HRC or FR standards.

How to Take Care of Safety Shirts? 

The last thing to consider is to ensure the high-vis shirt gives maximized care. Similar to ordinary garments, they also include care instructions. These instructions will guide you on how to dry or wash them, depending on the situation. Thus, it will prevent your clothes from accidental damages.

Care Guidelines

The label’s last section may find directions for washing, drying, and other clothing maintenance. These apparel also feature care instructions on the label. It is similar to that mentioned in everyday clothing. This will assist you in preventing unintentional damage to your clothing. You will first see a collection of pictograms. These provide immediate and straightforward care suggestions.

That uses international laundry care symbols. Be careful to read the symbols in advance if you haven’t seen them before since some are somewhat abstract. Read the care instructions carefully since the majority of hi-vis clothing has unique requirements, such as not being able to be dry washed. Visit our hi-vis clothing maintenance guidelines for additional details on maintaining your safety work attire.

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