Spark Starter Kit

NOT another “What is Spark?” course ! Explore Spark in depth and get a strong foundation in Spark.

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Learn about the similarities and differences between Spark and Hadoop.

Explore the challenges Spark tries to address, you will give you a good idea about the need for spark.

Learn “How Spark is faster than Hadoop?”, you will understand the reasons behind Spark’s performance and efficiency.

Before we talk about what is RDD, we explain in detail what is the need for something like RDD.

You will get a strong foundantion in understanding RDDs in depth and then we take a step further to point out and clarify some of the common misconceptions about RDD among new Spark learners.

You will understand the types of dependencies between RDD and more importantly we will see why dependencies are important.

We will walk you through step by step how the program we write gets translated in to actual execution behind the scenes in a Spark cluster.

You will get a very good understanding of some of the key concepts behind Spark’s execution engine and the reasons why it is efficient.

Master fault tolerance by simulating a fault situation and examine how Spark recover from it.

You will learn how memory and the contents in memory are managed by spark.

Understand the need for a new programming language like Scala.

Examine object oriented programming vs. functional programming.

Explore Scala’s features and functions.

Spark Starter Kit
Spark Starter Kit
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