10 AR/VR Trends To Watch Out for in 2023

Immersive technology has evolved like science fiction turned into reality. Things we all used to see in the Star Wars and Marvel Movies are now surrounding our world. With the emergence of augmented and virtual reality technology, people can visualize and experience fascinating things before their eyes that weren’t possible before. 

Different industries are increasingly adopting augmented and virtual reality technology in their ecosystem and enhancing their functioning in various ways. And, as new VR/VR trends are coming into the market, both consumers and businesses are excited to get advanced immersive features. In this post, I will share the top 10 AR/VR trends that you should watch out for in 2023. 

1. Enhanced AR Navigation

Augmented reality has already been used in interior navigation. This feature enables the users to navigate in the real world with added virtual elements. Google Maps AR is a popular example that provides AR-based navigation services. 

But with the advancements in AR, users will get new power and features to navigate with AR capabilities on their devices. By using Google’s ARKit and ARCore SDKs, developers and mobile app development companies can now build AR-based navigation apps and functionalities to provide an enhanced navigation experience. 

2. Improved Virtual Reality Shopping

This is one of the most-sought AR/VR trends in 2023. eCommerce and retail businesses were enthusiastically using AR/VR technology to offer immersive online shopping experiences. Consumers can explore products in a fully-immersive way like 3D and even try them virtually. This helps businesses engage customers effectively and thus improve sales. 

In 2023, they will receive more abilities to enhance their virtual reality shopping platforms and apps. They can allow users to use AR glasses to visualize their products and increase their sales prospects. 

3. Effective Healthcare Solutions 

AR/Vr technology has had a great impact on the healthcare industry. Clinics and medical institutions are able to improve their diagnosis and patient treatment process effectively. As new innovations and advancements are coming, the Healthcare sector is expected to take more advantage of augmented and virtual reality technology. For example, the use of AR/VR for studying and planning biopsies using the HoloLens 2 mixed reality device will grow due to the integration of additional AR/VR abilities. 

4. Integration of artificial intelligence with AR/VR

Integration of AI is also one of the hot AR/VR trends in 2023. Many companies are integrating artificial intelligence in their AR/VR app development to build next-level features. By infusing AI in AR/VR, a system gets better automation ability to quickly solve problems and suggest users in a better way. For example, AI is used in various AR apps to provide quick recommendations or online tips to users. 

5. Metaverse

Metaverse is an ongoing trend in 2022 that will further continue to dominate in the AR/VR development field. As more metaverse platforms are coming the utilization of AR/VR technology is growing in an advanced way. 

AR/VR is being used to build immersive virtual rooms and online conferencing spaces in various metaverse platforms. Besides this, many companies are using AR/VR to give enhanced virtual shopping and immersive user experiences to their customers. This AR/VR trend will acquire fast pace in 2023. 

6. Introduction of AP-powered Vehicles

The automobile manufacturing sector is also set to take advantage of AR/VR. As people are already excited for self-driving cars, many vehicles will utilize AR/VR in improving their navigation and user assistance facility. 

Automobile manufacturing companies are utilizing augmented and virtual reality to build voice assistants, in-car AR apps, and other AR-based solutions to transform the way people drive cars. 

7. Employee Training

Many organizations and enterprises are using AR/VR technology for training their employees. Since AR/VR provides interactive virtual and immersive experiences this duo technology is evolving as a powerful tool for education and training people. 

Through AR/ and VR-based tools companies get automated capability to evaluate employee skills. These AR/VR tools also assist companies to increase safety awareness and reduce learning curves. As a result, it is helping companies improve their operational efficiency. 

8. AR Avatars

AR Avatars are among the top AR/VR trends. The rapid evolution in the metaverse and virtual platforms has started the trend of AR avatars. Especially in virtual shopping and metaverse gaming, users can now create personalized avatars. 

They can dress it as per their own choice and customize it in amazing ways. At present, there are around 4000 AR avatars running on multiple virtual gaming and shopping platforms. And as more metaverse and virtual platforms are coming users are getting more scope to create their unique AR avatars. 

9. Growth in the Mobile AR

Mobile AR is probably the most buzzing AR/VR trend in the market. Mobile augmented reality allows users to interact with virtual objects on mobile screens in a real-world environment. However, mobile VR will be popular in 2022. 

But since more eCommerce companies and product manufacturing companies are using AR in their mobile apps the trend of Mobile AR is set to reach new heights. IKEA is a world-famous example of using mobile AR. And interestingly, Google and Apple have also released some new AR products for their users. Due to this, the growth in the usage of mobile AR will increase dramatically. 

10. AR/VR in Education

AR/VR is playing a big role in transforming the education sector. Companies are using augmented reality and virtual reality to create easy-to-understand and effective educational content. Teachers and online educators are getting more powerful tools to provide an engaging and impactful learning environment to students. 

Especially in e-learning web and mobile app development, AR/VR is empowering educational institutions and educators with next-gen tutoring features like gamification-based content, interactive virtual graphics, and more. 


Augmented and virtual reality technology is booming with rapid adoption across diverse industries. From eCommerce to manufacturing and education to healthcare every sector is taking advantage of immersive technology to improve their functioning and services.

Especially for startups, it gives them a great opportunity to build futuristic AR/VR apps for users. Therefore, startups should try to work with the best mobile app development company to make the best use of AR/VR for mobile apps. 

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