Text Extraction-EasyOCR

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  • Write codes to extract text from images
  • Write codes to extract text from images in different languages
  • Practically understand how text extraction works
  • Use few lines of codes to do text mining from images


  • Anaconda(Jupyter notebook)
  • Python 3
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Passion to learn


Hello future developers, welcome to the course on text extraction using the power of computers, thus Optical Character Recognition( OCR).

Do you want to extract text from an image for personal or commercial purposes without having to pay for expensive software or online services? This course is for you if you answered, Yes because, you will learn to build your very own OCR program in python.

With EasyOCR, the power of artificial intelligence is just a python code away(a few lines of code).

EasyOCR, comes with great methods that will help us extract text from images as easily as making pie without the need for sophisticated technologies.

EasyOCR comes with options to other use the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) of their computer or coders can use the normal Central Processing Unit (CPU) of their computers to extract images from images fed to the code.

We will learn to use some computer vision methods from openCV to help us overlay text on our images, kinda tagging our text based on a region/ bounding box for which a particular text is located on an image.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers
  • Beginners
  • Text Miners
  • Educators
Text Extraction-EasyOCR
Text Extraction-EasyOCR
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