Scientific Stretching 101

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  • You will know how to execute all major stretches
  • You’ll know how to identify which stretches are effective for you
  • You’ll feel more flexible and comfortable in your own body
  • You’ll lower you risk of injury in sport and daily living

How to stretch effectively?

This course teaches you how to stretch effectively. It includes stretches for all major muscle groups. These stretches can be done anywhere and anytime. They’re great for reducing soreness post-workout or warming up pre-workout. They can also be effective at reducing pain and stiffness in the body. Whether you’re at the office or at the gym, these stretches have you covered so you can feel more fluid and free in your own body. Great for desk jockeys, athletes, gym goers, weekend warriors and more. The course is under 45 minutes in length and spends roughly 5 minutes on each major stretch. The course is taught by Anthony, a premium personal trainer with over 10 years experience helping people live with more flexibility, strength and energy. You’ll learn how to set up, execute and modify stretches to suit your needs. It also includes a section on foam rolling, which can be an effective alternative to traditional stretching.


Scientific Stretching 101
Scientific Stretching 101
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