French Lessons for Everyone

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  • You will be able to speak, listen and read French
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Brief Inrto

GOO-AHEAD aims to have you speaking French after just one lesson! Our lessons focus on pronunciation and listening comprehension, so that you can start practicing what you learn from our professional teachers. Inside the PDF lesson notes, you will find the necessary tools for reading comprehension, and thorough explanations of phrases and key grammar points, in addition to a segment dedicated to cultural information. To address speaking practice, we have an easy-to use voice recorder on every lesson page so you can compare your pronunciation to our teachers’ and continue to refine your speaking skills.

Each language is unique, and at Goo-Ahead we pride ourselves on developing a system that’s only about the French language and French culture! We have a dedicated team of French writers, teachers and voice actors with years of experience teaching the language to English-speaking students, which assures you an authentic French experience every time you tune in.

Innovative Language Learning holds that the ultimate purpose of language learning is communication, and that topics like grammar and vocabulary are only aids to this ultimate goal. Almost all of our lessons then begin with a dialogue and use this as a focus and jumping off point to discuss cultural points, vocabulary, and topics in grammar. Especially at the beginner stage, the lessons teach conversational language through modifiable patterns and set phrases, and only begins to introduce complex grammar in the later stages of the beginner sequence. Each phrase is broken down into syllables and repeated several times so that students have maximum exposure to the language. They are asked to repeat phrases aloud for practice. Each lesson includes a short oral quiz at the end to improve speaking ability. In our audio lessons the focus is almost entirely on speaking and listening skills.

How is content organized? What are levels/series/seasons?

Our lessons are grouped into five levels: Introduction, Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Under these five levels, our lessons are further grouped into series, which have more specific levels (for example, Lower Beginner, Beginner, Upper Beginner). Finally, under each series, you will find different seasons, which are lessons grouped into sets of 25.

I have some experience studying French — how can I figure out where to start?

Set your learning level under “My Level” on the left side of the Dashboard. Choose from Absolute Beginner to Advanced and the Dashboard will recommend a lesson that best fits your profile. You can also listen to level descriptions to find one that matches your level. Remember, the first 3 lessons of every series are always free, so even as a free account member, you can still sample the different levels and series we offer.

French Lessons for Everyone
French Lessons for Everyone
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