Introduction to Electrostatics (Electric Force and Field)

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  • Understand the forces between charged objects (Coulomb’s Law)
  • Identify the differences between insulators and conductors
  • Understand how to polarize an insulator and a conductor
  • Find the net electric field from point charges and charged bodies
  • Study the motion of a charge in a uniform electric field
  • Find the electric field using Gauss’s Law and symmetry


  • Familiar with Calculus one (limits and derivatives)
  • Familiar with Calculus a pair of (integrals)
  • Familiar with Mechanics (kinematics and dynamics)



This course, Introduction to physics (Electric Force and Field), includes the primary 3 sections you may learn in Electricity & Magnetism, as well as video, notes from whiteboard throughout lectures, and observe issues (with solutions!). I conjointly show each single step in examples and proofs. The course is organized into the subsequent topics:

  • Electric charge
  • Insulators vs. Conductors
  • Coulomb’s Law
  • Polarization
  • Electric field from purpose charges
  • Superposition of electrical fields
  • Electric field for charged bodies
  • Electric flux
  • Gauss’s Law (Symmetry)
  • Conductors in electricity Equilibrium
  • Faraday Cage

CONTENT you may GET within every SECTION:

Videos: I begin each topic by introducing and explaining the concept. I share all my solving-problem techniques victimization examples. I show a range of mathematics issue you will encounter in school and confirm you’ll solve any downside by yourself.

Notes: In each section, you will notice my notes as downloadable resource that I wrote throughout lectures. thus you can review the notes even once you haven’t got web access (but I encourage you to require your own notes whereas taking the course!).

Assignments: when you watch me {doing thusme|performing some|doing a little} examples, currently it is your intercommunicate solve the issues! Be honest and do the observe downsides before you check the solutions! If you pass, great! If not, you’ll review the videos and notes again.

THINGS THAT ARE enclosed within the COURSE:

  • An educator who actually cares regarding your success
  • Lifetime access to Introduction to physics (Electric Force and FIeld)


#1: Downloadable lectures so you can watch the videos whenever and where you are.

#2: Downloadable lecture notes so you can review the lectures while not having a tool to watch/listen.

#3: One problem set at the tip of every section (with solutions!) for you to try and do more practice.

#4: Step-by-step guide to assist you solve problems.

See you within the course!

– Gina 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant to introduce students to physics behind the electricality, as well as the electric force and electric field.
  • This course is for anyone who has completed Calculus I and II and Mechanics, and is inquisitive about moving into the science field.
  • This course is for electricity & Magnetism students who are searching for additional help outside school.
  • This course may be for anyone who isn’t within the science stream however desires to check additional advanced physics for fun.
Introduction to Electrostatics (Electric Force and Field)
Introduction to Electrostatics (Electric Force and Field)
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