User Interface Design for Non-Designers

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  • UIUX basics
  • Intuitively design Mobile user interfaces
  • Intuitively design Web user interfaces
  • Useful uiux articles


  • Uizard
  • internet
  • Passion to learn


User Interface Design(UI) and User Experience Design(UX) a very crucial parts of determining the final output of software, applications, or process. User interface design and user experience design(UI/UX) has many benefits since they have a more significant impact on influencing how users might use or uninstall an app or the retention rate of an app or software and the like.

In this lesson, you’ll learn to use shapes(components) and tools to create stunning user interfaces from, mobile apps to web apps to enhance your skills. Some fundamental design principles will be taught and demonstrated in the course.

Uizard is the first user interface and user experience design tool to be used and our first project to be designed would be the user interface of a hotel booking app, this would be a two-screen project. Uizard features an artificial intelligence tool that helps users to generate user interfaces by uploading a sketch of either a mobile UI or a website’s UI. Uizard also allows for theme generation by just uploading an image or a URL.

Projects using Figma will be added later to the course as they are being created and edited. The course is taught by Jacqueline Asare Dartey a UI/UX expert in using Figma and Adobe XD.

Who this course is for:

  • UIUX enthusiast
  • Educators
  • Hobbyist
User Interface Design for Non-Designers
User Interface Design for Non-Designers
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