NetBeans 11: The Essential Crash Course

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  • Install and setup Java and NetBeans 11
  • Configuring NetBeans
  • Quick navigation
  • Using diff
  • Code snippets
  • Javadocs
  • Simple debugging
  • Auto-generating code
  • Shortcut keys


  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to install software on your computer
  • Admin rights may be required for software installation
  • Some knowledge of Java syntax


NetBeans 11: The Essential Crash Course

This course is designed to introduce Apache NetBeans 11 as an IDE with realistic projects. Students can expect to learn the basics of the IDE in less than an hour with this essential crash course.

Course Outline:

Introduction will help you setup the JDK and NetBeans to run on your computer. You will find this process is quick and easy, so you will be up-and-running fast.

Hello World Project will introduce the IDE’s interface, windows, and views. This first project will show you how to create a project and add content to it.

Electric Car Project will dive a little deeper and allow you to clone an unfinished GitHub repository to finish adding functionality using NetBeans features and shortcuts. Debugging will also be introduced in this section.

Course Features:

Screencasts are of high quality resolution. The entire IDE is on display so you don’t miss anything while watching the course.

The project repository is located on GitHub. A link is included in the Electric Car Project section. This will be where course code is uploaded and maintained. Each project has a solutions file.

Any questions you have will be answered promptly. Please go to the author’s profile for contact.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in boosting their software development productivity
  • Software engineers, developers, and programmers looking for a power IDE
NetBeans 11: The Essential Crash Course
NetBeans 11: The Essential Crash Course
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