Learn VCS: Git, Github and AWS Commit – Devops CICD

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  • Learn fundamental concepts of Version Control System
  • Learn all the basic and advanced git commands
  • Learn to collaborate with other team members
  • Learn the key concepts of branching, merging, and much more
  • Explore the inside look of .git folder
  • Learn to create repository using git bash and through Github as well
  • Learn basic Linux commands
  • Learn different types of branches like master, developer, feature, release and hotfix branch
  • Learn to create .gitignore files to ignore specific files
  • Learn to create beautiful Readme md file for eye catching description
  • Learn to use aws code commit


Git is one of the most popular DevOps tools, widely used across the software industry to work on large projects and maintain SDLC. Git is a version control system that manage and keep track of source code history where as GitHub is a cloud-based hosting website that manage Git repositories through which you can access your git repository from anywhere. AWS Code commit is is just like Github where you can host highly scalable private Git repositories.

This is the crash course is fully packed with useful hands-on covering the key concepts at the same time without wasting crucial time of developer like you.

The main objective of this course is to teach you version control system in depth from scratch, step by step enable you to build applications using git, github, aws code commit altogether.

In this learning path you will learn all the fundamental concepts of Git like

  • What is Version Control System
  • What is Git and Github
  • What is AWS Code commit?
  • How to use Git
  • How to use Github
  • What is Repository and difference between local and remote repo
  • Components of .git folder
  • What is branching and different types of branching
  • Different states of files in git
  • How to create AWS commit public and private repository
  • What is Merge and much more

Who this course is for:

  • Developers, IT pros, Operators, Sysadmin, Tester (Git is for everyone, as it is an essential skill)
Learn VCS: Git, Github and AWS Commit – Devops CICD
Learn VCS: Git, Github and AWS Commit – Devops CICD
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