Essentials of MARKETING

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  • Understand what is Marketing and its essence.
  • Basic concepts and processes of Marketing.
  • What is Strategic Planning and how is it done?
  • What is Marketing Mix?


  • No marketing experience needed. This is a course that I delivered to many offline students and new entrepreneurs. It is explained with my words in simple methods and examples for you to get an understanding of marketing and start thinking about marketing!


It is a quick presentation I initially did in ALBANIAN for workshop training. I also delivered it as a presentation to a private audience, and then after translating it, I decided to make it a course and give it here for FREE.

It is a crash course for someone who wants to understand essential marketing and marketing strategy concepts.

We discuss what it is and how I understand Marketing. Basically, since the initial audience had very little (almost none) knowledge of marketing, I tried to simplify the concepts as much as I could.

Why should we always have “value” in mind when we approach marketing? What are the processes of marketing?

What is Marketing Management, and which Marketing Concepts do we have? Which concept suits you and your company better? Are some outdated? Are some better than others?

Understanding Strategic Planning. Even if we are a “one-man-show” or a very small business, we should have some strategic planning. This would guide us to further create and tweak our marketing strategy.

How do we segment a market? What is the correct audience for us? How can we position ourselves and differentiate our product or service in comparison with the competition? What tools can we use here?

What is Marketing Mix? What are the good old four P’s that everyone mentioned? Why should we look at that also from a consumer perspective?

What is an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

And much more! Consider this as a small intial talk between us, and as a quick introduction to marketing concepts!

Who this course is for:

  • Young entrepreneurs and students who want to understand on its core what is Marketing about.
Essentials of MARKETING
Essentials of MARKETING
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