Beginners Sanskrit Learning Course

Learn Sanskrit in a simple way.
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  • Learn through hindi medium to Sanskrit.
  • Beginners conversation in a simple sentences in Sanskrit.
  • How to introduce yourself.
  • Basics of Sanskrit language.
  • Learn to write in Devnagri script.
  • Know the basic rules of Sanskrit script reading and writing.


  • Doesn’t required anything. This course is for beginners.


This course will be helpful for the new learner of Sanskrit Language. This course is very simple to learn in easy sentences. With the help of this course a learner can learn  Sanskrit Vocabulary, sentence structure and story of Sanskrit language.

With the help of this video course ,learner will learn greeting vocabulary of language. In next video , question ‘s tag are explained. Noun , pronoun and  basic verbs are also discussed. With the help of story telling ,try to introduce sentence structure.

These videos will develop the Vocabulary of learner. These Vocabulary will be very helpful in day to day conversation. This is an innovative course . This course will be helpful for the new learner of Sanskrit language . Each and every video having different content. This video course having written font of Sanskrit language . This course is divided into 3 parts . Each part is having separate content . Medium of this course is hindi / English through which learners could understand the sanskrit.

This is a comprehensive course in Hindi or English language for beginner Level learner. The lessons are professionally designed to explain basics of Sanskrit grammar with simple examples . Anyone with no intention to learn Sanskrit script can also take this course as the medium of instruction is in  Hindi and English.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who want to learn Sanskrit basics.
  • This course is in Hindi medium and also translated in english so that hindi knowing people can learn Sanskrit easily.
  • People who are seeking to learn Sanskrit basic language.
Beginners Sanskrit Learning Course
Beginners Sanskrit Learning Course
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