Is it about time that you have agreed to capitalize on your marketing game with video marketing ideas? 

Then you have made the right choice. 

If you’re moving in the SaaS market, video marketing has some incredible benefits. It can help you significantly increase your revenue and boost your marketing practices as a whole. Videos are, without a doubt, a great source of engaging potential customers. What makes video marketing so unique & special is its ability to humanize your company and enhance your customer experience. When a potential customer comes to your brand and engages with it, they realize that your brand is more customer-centric then it is product-centric. It’s one of the vital reasons why video marketing has instantly become a winning strategy in the online space. Videos are trackable. They provide far-fetched insights and can communicate with your target audience in a much effective manner. 

Are you looking to invest your budget in getting a higher conversion rate compared to image or text-based advertising? Well guess what! Video marketing can increase your conversion rate by 80%!

Are you running a SaaS based business? Wondering how to make the most out of your video marketing practices? Here are 3 ideas which can work best for you if you’re in the SaaS market. 

So without further ado, let’s checkout these awesome ideas now. 

Idea # 1: Promotional Videos 

Are you trying to find a good opportunity to create mind captivating content which can win your audience easily? Try promotional videos as a part of your brand’s overall video marketing. Promotional videos done under the supervision of an expert videographer or video editor can have some profound impact on your sales. Not only does it hold the power of winning over your audience, but it can also turn them into repeating customers. 

One of the major setbacks for many SaaS based products out-there is that they are unable to educate the masses in a caring and friendly manner. With an entertaining video, brands can connect with the audience in a fun-filled way and breathe life into the boring SaaS product. After all, you don’t want to end up offering a dry experience to your end-consumer. A well-organized and professionally created promotional video can have some profound effects. It can increase your online reach & maximize your sales easily. 

For instance, when Microsoft launches its new product, it couples it with highly engaging promotional video with profound graphics and incredible sound effects. 

Their videos are so brilliantly executed that a watcher may readily feel compelled to make a purchase. They showcase all the app’s important features & integrations. Once the audience watches the video, they instantly feel like understanding the product more effectively & eventually consider purchasing it. 

Idea # 2: Explainer Videos 

Believe it or not, but more than 50% of individuals search for a video before concluding that they want to purchase a certain product/service. It’s without a doubt that brands who capitalize on using explainer videos as a part of their marketing strategy get increased brand awareness, get more traffic driven to their website, and eventually get a boost in their sales & marketing practices. 

Such videos work marvelously in the SaaS market more than they work in just about any other market. 

When it comes to explaining the technical aspects of the tools or services which you’re trying to sell, instead of using images or text to explain the process, brands are more abundantly using videos. They are using videos in the form of logos by hiring logo animation services. They are using them to communicate brand values. And they are making use of it in multiple other ways for excessive promotion. Because videos can highlight technical aspects and features of a product or service more accurately then a bunch of text or image files ever could. Want to convey your message & promote the benefits of what you are offering in a clear and concise manner? Get an explainer video to promote your SaaS brand. 

More than 83% of consumers state, product & explainer videos have helped them make a purchasing decision. For example, AirTable is a cloud-based collaboration tool where its sole function is to optimize productivity & organize valuable data and information. They have launched a short demo video explaining who they are and how they are adding value to the lives of millions. If you’re running a SaaS business & would like the crowd to know the values which you’re offering, make use of explainer videos. 

Idea # 3: Company Videos 

Many people often find themselves under the false pretense that tech companies run emotionless businesses to just earn bucks and accolades. However, this can be changed, if you can prove that this is wrong. Company videos are a great way to establish that. With a proper company video, you can very much humanize your brand and share the passion and story behind your efforts. It can help you connect with your target market most effectively and help you engage with potential customers on emotional levels. 

The CEO of DuoLingo, which is a language app, gives a chance to everyone so they can learn a new language based on their socio-economic background. He indicates the DuoLingo app commemorates equality in the education world. It creates an emotional appeal for viewers. And with a touch of authenticity, it exudes the brilliance of showcasing how the SaaS business is moving towards excellence. 

So there you go! Here are video marketing ideas on how brands can make use of corporate videos and capitalize on marketing for the greater good. Are you a brand also struggling with creating an impact in the online world? 

Why not make use of the following marketing ideas and churn out the best results from your marketing. 

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