React JS With Node & Express Server

by courseunity

Publisher : Dan Kwon

Course Length : 2 hour

Course Price : $00

Course Language : English

Description: React JS With Node & Express Server | Course Unity

The MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) stack is taking over the software industry but too often, programming tutorials only focus on just the “R” or one of the other letters. To be a true full-stack developer, understanding how all the parts work together is crucial for success. In this tutorial, we combine Node, Express and React to create a full stack blog website. Our React app will consume a REST API from our Node/Express server which will store the data entirely within the context of the project – no 3rd party server, “dummy” data or fake APIs for the sake of beginner tutorials. This tutorial covers 100% of the stack.

Along the way, you will:

  • Write custom components
  • Use ES6 syntax
  • Deploy to a live staging environment
  • Configure Webpack

This tutorial is suitable for beginners to React but not to programming entirely. If you have a basic understanding of JavaScript and rudimentary programming concepts (variables, loops, arrays, etc) you should be fine.

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