Ubuntu 22.04 HestiaCP Tutorial – Run WordPress on a VPS

Run Multiple WordPress sites using HestiaCP LEMP stack on Ubuntu 22.04 on Vultr, Linode, DigitalOcean etc
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  • How to deploy an Ubuntu 22.04 VPS cloud server
  • How to set up and secure Ubuntu 22.04 in production
  • How to install HestiaCP with LEMP stack
  • How to install multiple WordPress Websites on Hestia Control Panel
  • Learn how to use the Hestia Control Panel


  • Learner ought to have a operating web connection
  • Learner should wait enough to follow beside all the commands during this course


HestiaCP could be a light-weight and free control board that you just can use to host dynamic PHP websites and static websites a like. Greek deityCP supports each LAMP and LEMP stack. With LAMP stack, the Hestia control board additionally supports NGINX reverse proxy out of the box.

In this HestiaCP Tutorial, however, we’ll solely affect LEMP stack. With the setup we will cover, you’ll use low-cost servers to successfully run your website.

HestiaCP supports each Ubuntu Server and Debian Server. during this Greek deity tutorial, I used Ubuntu 22.04. However, you’ll follow beside Debian eleven as well. Compare the two UNIX system OS servers and judge that one you’d rather use in your production environment.

What was employed in this tutorial

  1. Vultr because the Cloud supplier. you’ll virtually use any VPS/Cloud provider of your choice.
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 as the Server OS. you’ll use Debian 11 if you thus wish.
  3. HestiaCP as the management Panel. HestiaCP is free and open source, derived from VestaCP.
  4. uLEMP stack. No Apache server. Nginx is light-weight and can support a lot of traffic with less resources. We’ll escort Nginx and PHP-FPM on Hestia.

Exactly what we’ll cowl during this HestiaCP Tutorial:

Firstly, we want to put in and harden Ubuntu two.04 along with alternative Initial server setup tasks. This includes the following:

  • Step one : Deploy Ubuntu 22.04 Vultr serverStep 2 : Log in via SSHStep three : Ubuntu 22.04 produce user + Ubuntu 22.04 add user to sudoersStep four : Ubuntu 22.04 SSH Key Login Set upStep five : Disable root login and watchword AuthenticationStep six : Ubuntu 22.04 Firewall SetupStep seven : Ubuntu 22.04 amendment SSH PortStep eight : produce a swap fileStep nine : amendment Server HostnameStep ten : Set TimezoneStep eleven : Setup Automatic Updates
  • Next, we want to put in the Greek deity management Panel.Step twelve Install HestiaCP Ubuntu 22.04
  • After putting in the control panel, we’ll see the way to install multiple WordPress websites, work with the Hestia File manager, Database, Mail then a lot of more.

Before you choose whether or not you must find out how to use Hestia to host your websites, the subsequent are a number of its options as highlighted on the documentation:


  • Support for SFTP chroot jails
  • 2-Factor authentication for the Admin Panel
  • SSH keys for login via SFTP and SSH

Web domains

  • Nginx FastCGI cache support for Nginx + PHP-FPM
  • Nginx Proxy cache support for Nginx + Apache2
  • Per domain TLS certificates for internet domains
  • MultiIP support for web/mail/dns
  • MultiPHP support for
    • php5.6 (EOL)
    • php7.0 (EOL)
    • php7.1 (EOL)
    • php7.2 (EOL)
    • php7.3 (EOL)
    • php7.4
    • php8.0
    • php8.1
  • 1 Click Install Apps
    • WordPress
    • Dokuwiki
    • Drupal
    • Grav
    • Laravel
    • MediaWiki
    • NextCloud
    • Opencart
    • Prestashop
    • Symphony


  • Per-domain TLS certificates for arriving and outgoing mail services (exim4, dovecot, webmail)
  • SMTP relay setup for Exim just in case port twenty five is blocked by the provider
  • Rate limit adjustable per user or email account
  • Per-domain TLS certificates for web domains
  • Let’s inscribe support for mail domains
  • Latest version of Roundcube


  • Support for MariaDB 10.2 -> 10.8 with 10.6 as default
  • Support for Postgresql
  • Latest version of PHPmyAdmin

Server admin

  • Automated backups to SFTP, FTP or Backblaze Cloud

Join this HestiaCP tutorial without delay to start out learning.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who desires to use a free control board to host WordPress or the other CMS.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to migrate from shared hosting to VPS/ Cloud
  • This course is for anyone inquisitive about Greek deity control board
Ubuntu 22.04 HestiaCP Tutorial – Run WordPress on a VPS
Ubuntu 22.04 HestiaCP Tutorial – Run WordPress on a VPS
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