Magento is one of the most popular platforms for small and large ecommerce businesses. It not only allows you to smoothly integrate a variety of third-party extensions and plugins, but it also includes a number of capabilities that can aid your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing tools are critical for establishing a profitable business, regardless of how large your company is. Magento 2 provides advanced marketing and merchandising tools that simplify your life and help you expand your business.

Google sitemap: 

A sitemap is used to provide search engines with a list of web pages that are available for crawling, which improves the crawl rate as well as the SERP page ranking.

Magento includes a built-in feature for creating a standard compliance sitemap in XML format, which includes the URLs of product pages and categories, as well as a few other crucial pages to be indexed by search engines. Is it tough to find something in your store? It won’t be tough with Magento 2’s new Bingo ElasticSearch extension.

This extension aids in the immediate display of search results. It also has a comprehensive search area in your store that is capable of distinguishing between singular and plural words. Bingo ElasticSearch was one of the most eagerly anticipated Magento extensions, and it was finally released with Magento 2.

Magento 2 development allows you to rewrite URLs, allowing web managers to maintain complete control over the URL structure. If URL rewriting is not enabled, Magento URLs may appear different, and the id may not contain information about the product, making the URLs less human-friendly and search engine-friendly.

Use the rewriting engine to match the descriptive URLS to the resource to ensure that the optimization of each and every Magento page allows you to adjust the URLS.


With magento 2 migration services ecommerce development, you can now quickly arrange promotions based on consumer preferences, gender, geography, browsing history, and other factors. The ecommerce platform allows you to drag and drop the interface and manually arrange the things, as well as automatically sort out the best or most popular items.

Magento 2 features catalogue pricing rules and cart pricing rules, as well as discounts for orders when certain circumstances are met at the checkout, so your Magento developers may now optimise your category pages in an efficient manner.

Sending a generic email about the new products or discounts isn’t a good idea. Customers nowadays want more individualised information, so delivering them information on things they’re interested in will help you increase sales. Magento 2 allows store owners to personalise newsletters and emails.

You’ll be able to edit all of your emails, create numerous newsletter themes, organise the subscription list, and export it in a variety of formats using Magento 2. You can use the Magento Newsletter Queue feature to deliver newsletters to several clients at once.

Search and SEO: 

Search engine optimization is critical for your business because it ensures that your store ranks highly on search engines. With the latest SEO functionalities in features of magento 2 development, store owners can now add keywords and ensure that a person searching for products lands on their ecommerce store.

Magento also allows you to use redirects to manage URLs, make changes, and avoid broken links, as well as optimise and generate search queries, add information, and generate a sitemap.

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