Complete Beginners Guide to Pixel Game Art

Create 2D game art for mobile , desktop and console games like a Pro
  • Any Pixel art Software or App
  • Photoshop or any Graphics editing Software
  • The ability to draw simple shapes (Circles and squares)

I will constantly update this course based on your and your fellow students input. This is your course.

Learning game art can be difficult. You not only have to draw but you have to learn software. This course demystifies that process. In it you will start out with the very basics of simple asset design. Then to more challenging subjects like tiles and tile sets as well as modular 2D art for mobile games.

This relaxed and fun course is for the complete beginner as well as more experienced artists who want to expand their skills. Weather you are trying to create your own game or trying to add to your freelance abilities this course is for everyone.

Not only will you learn pixel art but this course covers modular art as well as side scrolling , platforming and top down styles. 

How is this course set up?

  1. In the first section I explain how to use reference.
  2. Then there are 2 sections on Photoshop and Aseprite .
  3. We will then move on to creating your first simple assets
  4. We start out with pixel art to build your confidence
  5. Then its on to environmental assets as we slowly increase the resolution
  6. We take a break and discuss color theory and Design
  7. We now move on to creating our first tiles and tile sets
  8. The you’ll have so much confidence and skill that creating the “Hauntedvania” assets will be a breeze.
  9. For the RPG creators there is an entire section on top down assets and tile sets
  10. There is a special section on designing you own top down RPG style buildings
  11. Finally we close out with creating modular and hand drawn tiles and assets
  12. By the end of this journey you will have the confidence and skill to create any 2d game asset or tile set.

What else will you get? 

  • Lifetime access to the course and all of the materials
  • Daily responses to your questions
  • Quick responses to your suggestions
  • An ever evolving curriculum
  • Over 60 assets free for you to use in your games
Who this course is for:
  • Beginning artists
  • Anyone who wants to create their own game art
  • Anyone who wants to put in the effort to make their own game art
  • Anyone who wants to make 2d assets for mobile or desktop games
  • Anyone wanting to add a new skill for their freelancing business

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