Configure Advanced Settings Of Belkin Range Extender In Quick Way

The Belkin extender is a powerful & signal booster wireless extender device. It is specially designed to eliminate the WiFi dead zone in your home. The network connectivity accurately extends the Wi-Fi range throughout your home. The dual-band network absolutely works in this device that delivers the fastest network signals. Additionally, in the Belkin range extender device, the two internal antennas are built-in that accurately improve the coverage. This range extender works with your current WiFi router to deliver a robust network to hard-to-reach areas in your residence, & more helping you stay connected on all your devices. The Crossband technology is built-in in the range extender device that delivers optimal WiFi network speed. This device effectively repeats the signal from the router and redistributes it to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots. 

The range extender device accurately works with 802.11a/b/g/n network. In addition, the Ethernet port is built-in in this device that allows making the wired connection. The 2.4GHz & 5GHz network allows enjoying the fastest network anywhere in your home. To maintain the network range of this device, you should configure all settings of this device. To configure the setting is most important to properly amplify the wireless network. 

Why is an advanced setting important for Belkin Range Extender?

The Belkin wireless range booster accurately helps to eliminate the WiFi dead zone in your home. With the network connectivity of this device, you securely & seamlessly enjoy network connectivity. But sometimes, the network connectivity is slow & interrupted then the user cannot watch 4K video, high-speed gaming, & fast downloading. If you wish to watch 4K videos at high speed you should configure the advanced settings of this device. The advanced setting quickly amplifies the wireless network range in a quick manner. Then, the advanced setting is important to properly & accurately amplify the network range. 

Configure Advanced Settings Of Belkin Range Extender

The advanced setting of the range extender device easily & completely extends the wireless network signals & network coverage. In the advanced setting, you have to configure some settings then you can completely configure the advanced setting. By using belkin.range you can simply & fast configure the advanced setting. This setting is as follows:

Configure 2.4GHz network 

To configure the advanced setting of the range extender device, you should configure a 2.4GHz network. The 2.4GHz network is important to enjoy wireless network signals in long-range. With the 2.4GHz network, you can accurately & seamlessly enjoy network connectivity in the long area. You can visit the 2.4GHz network page after login into the account. On this network page, you will see the signal strength. In the network, you have to configure the network name. To properly secure this network, you can select the security. In the password field, you have to enter the password. After that, click Apply changes option and properly save this setting. 

5GHz wireless network configure

The 5GHz network is most important to enjoy 4K streaming, high-speed gaming, fast downloading, & more. To properly enjoy the wireless network, you should configure the 5GHz network. In the network name(SSID), you can click this field, if you wish to change the name. Then, enter a new name in their field. Select the security type in the following security. Enter the password and click the apply changes option. After that, this setting is properly changed. 

SSID(network name) setting

The network name setting is necessary to properly configure the advanced setting of the extender device. After login to the extender, you can visit the status page. Under the status page, you can select the SSID option. The SSID screen enables you to configure the SSID, security, and other features of your Extended Network. On this page, You have to enter the network name of the 5GHz or 2.4GHz network. You can enable the broadcast SSID of both networks. In the last, you can click the apply changes option and properly save this setting. 

Security encryption setting

To properly & accurately secure the range extender device you have to configure the security encryption. The security setting is important to completely protect the device from outsiders & hackers. You can select the security setting in the following setting. Then, visit the security page, you can select the WPA2-PSK security for the 2.4GHz network. You can also select the security for the 5GHz network. After selecting the security, you have to enter the password in the provided field. You can click the apply changes option and properly save this setting. 

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