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The wipers of the car are used to clean the windscreen of the car. That are composed of rubber that is fixed on a metal-made strip. The strips are fixed with two hinges that allow the blade to bend whilst wiping over the screen, they can be adjusted to fit different positions according to the driver’s preference.

Most wipers are made of rubber that is fixed on strips that are made of either metal or plastic. The rubber can be manufactured out of various materials but mostly it is polysiloxane, which is the synthetic form of silicon oil. This material ensures a smooth wiping movement without creating too much noise while driving.

Types of wipers

There are two types of wipers of cars and they are known as:

  1. Conventional: Conventional wipers are the most common type in India, and they are mostly used in hatchbacks and sedans.
  2. Beam blades: The beam blades wipers are the latest type in India, and they are mostly used in luxury cars.

The Windshield Wipers of the car are used to make sure that your windscreen remains clean and intact throughout the journey. If you have a dirty or misted windscreen then it can affect your vision while driving which may lead to accidents.

How often should you change?

The wipers of the car should be checked to see if they are clean and intact every few months, however the interval will depend on how much you use. If you use them a lot then it is a good idea to change them every six months. Whereas if you hardly use them then changing them twice a year is recommended.

What is the main cause of change in wipers of cars?

The main cause of changing is that they become dirty or torn. However if you use the wipers on the misted windscreen then it can decrease their life.

When you are looking to buy the best brands of wiper in India, then you should consider the following factors:

  • Size: The size of the wipers is important as you need to make sure that they will fit your windscreen.
  • Type: There are two types of wipers, namely conventional wipers and beam blades wipers. You will need to make sure that are of your preferred type, either conventional or beam blades.
  • Durability: The most important thing is to determine how long you want the wipers to last for. If they are too short then it can be annoying to keep replacing them. Whereas if they are too long then you could end up spending more than you need to.
  • Price: Most wipers don’t cost too much, you may have to pay a lot for the best brands. It all depends on your budget and which type you prefer. 
  • Warranty: Most wipers come with a warranty that can last from a month to several years. It all depends on the brand and the type of wiper. Check for this when you are buying your preferred brand.

Where can you find the best brands of wipers online in India?

Carorbis is an online store website that provides product images, descriptions and prices for various products related to cars and bikes. The main thing with this online store is that you can buy the products without having to visit any physical stores. Which is beneficial when you are buying car wiper of a car. You can buy car accessories online without stepping out of the house. At the most competitive prices with faster home delivery anywhere in India. Carorbis is the leader in selling almost everything from interiors and exteriors of cars to bikes.

So, if you are looking for the best quality wipers for your car. Then you should definitely check out Carorbis as they offer some of the best brands in the market for car and bike. Make sure to compare prices and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Happy shopping!

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