Scientific studies are suggest that hope, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and compassion help a person reverse the damage of chronic stress and build a great leadership relationships with best online leadership courses. The positive and Negative Emotional Attractors assume a significant part in desired change, inspiring sustained and learning at numerous levels. Through this course, you will learn to develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This course will also help you in developing major leadership skills. You can also find 13 Best Online Leadership Courses at Take This Course also.

What you will learn from this course?
This course has been divided into 8 weeks. Each week you will be covering something new. Let us have a look at what will you be learning: Week: 1

Resonant Leadership and the Neuroscience Behind It

In the first week, you will learn about resonant relationships and how they occur when the leader and the people around them are in sync or tune. Moreover, you will be exploring the neuroscience behind resonant and dissonant leadership. Week: 2

Renewal as an Antidote to Chronic Stress

In this week, you will get to know about the effects of emotional contagion. This includes both positive and negative relationships. Moreover, you will be examining the psychological and physiological process with which the bodies and minds experience stress. By the end of this course, you will know everything about Parasympathetic Nervous System. Week: 3

Emotional Intelligence and Its Link to Leadership

In this part of the course, you will get to see how emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence competencies are the drivers of effective leadership. Moreover, you will get to learn how these factors affect management and professional jobs. Week: 4

Inspiring and Motivating Sustained Development, Growth, and Learning

Now, you will be investigating the Positive Emotional Attractors PEA and Negative Emotional Attractors NEA. You will learn how you need NEA to survive and the PEA to strive and flourish. Moreover, you will be exploring how PEA and NEA helped people to grow in the past. Week: 5

With the Coaching Compassion to Inspire Sustained Learning and Development & Peer Coaching With Help from my Friends

This is an essential week in the course. In this week, you will look at the PEA and the NEA in-depth in terms of emotional, relational, and neurological factors. Furthermore, you will understand the different types of conversations that inspire the PEA in others. Week: 6

Inspiring Change through Hope and Vision

In this week, you will get to review all of the five phases of Intentional Change Theory in depth. You will be given a chance to see how to distinguish Ideal Self from the Ought Self. Furthermore, you will explore life and career stages. Moreover, you will learn to know when you are in mid-life crises. Week: 7

The Multilevel Nature of Sustained Change

Now, you will be having a look at recent research documenting the effectiveness of developing shared vision. You will also be learning how social identity groups can facilitate change in dyads, teams, organizations, and communities. Week: 8

The Real Self and Learning Agenda

In this last week, you will learn about the remaining elements of Intentional Change Theory. By the end of this course, you will be able to distinguish between The Real Self and Faux Self.


Let us look at some of the reviews of the people who took this best online leadership courses. Reviewing the feedback will help you know if this course is good or not.

Positive feedback

  • This is an exceptionally complete and profound course about Emotional Intelligence. It very well may be difficult to follow now and again because of the large measure of data. Yet it’s great. The instructor’s information is truly amazing. (Bernard D V 5 stars)
  • An astounding course directed by a goliath in the field-Prof. Richard Boyatzis. The instructor taught in an entirely amicable way with a scramble of humor and a huge load of examination, supported proof. This is a particularly uplifting program. (R. Ravi 5 stars)
  • I’m so happy to find this course during COVID-19. To get my PEA and help the others with their PEA is incredible. I strongly suggest this to those who just ventured into their initiative roles. (AH 5 stars)

Negative Feedback

  • Incredible information in this course. However, the material is genuinely out-of-date and a few connections don’t work. Hopefully, it will be refreshed with ongoing exploration. For instance, one of the prompts requests that you review the future to 2020. (Jennifer B 3 stars)
  • The thoughts introduced in the course are intriguing, pertinent, and significant. I wish the course was somewhat less conversational. In any case, I thought this course was important and started innovative thoughts, considerations, and practices. (Shelina R 3 stars).
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