AWP Sniper Rifle Creation and Skin In Blender | Blender 2.8

by courseunity

Publisher : Jai Bansal Blender Academy

Course Length : 4.5 hour

Course Price : $190

Course Language : English


FPS Games And Shooting Games are taking the World At Very Fast pace. They are the most enjoyable and have very big player base. As Most of the companies are Switching to shooting Games, Gun models are the First Thing they will need. Being Able to Create Gun Models And skins Can be very beneficial In 3d industry. In This Course, We will Create the Most famous Sniper Rifle Used In Games The AWP/AWM in blender. Finally, You will be able to Model, Uv Unwrap And Texture 3d Models from scratch ready to be used or sold.

If you’ve ever wanted to make Gun Models or Game assets in Blender, Then This Course if for you.

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